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How it Works

How Xolutionbook helps?


Xolutionbook is a website for higher college students who needs help understanding the textbook exercise problems. Xolutionbook provides step by step solutions of textbook exercise problems authored by highly educated and experienced team of proficient subject experts. Apart from guided help on textbook problems, Xolutionbook provides a platform to solve specific academic problems through its Q&A board, where students can post their specific academic problems/question and get the answer. Students can just not only ask the questions but also they can participate in answering the questions posted by other users and can share their subject knowledge and expertise in helping other students and can earn cool rewards in return.


Textbooks and Solutions


In the textbook section you can find the list of all available textbooks. You can also use search function to find your textbook. From the textbook you can go to the chapter list of the respective textbook. Clicking on any chapter will take you to the problems/questions list of respective chapter. Here you can click on any question to view its step-by-step solution. Every Textbook has a Solved percentage which represents how much problems has been solved and published here. Further every chapter under the textbook has its own solved percentage.


Free to View


In chapter list of a textbook, some chapters are marked as ‘Free to View’. These chapters are available to everyone freely. All registered members can access these chapters and its solutions freely.



You can get access to all of the textbook and its solutions by buying a subscription. Different subscription options are available from 2 days pass to one year access. You can choose a subscription according to your requirement. With each subscription you will get free XB points which can be used to ask subject specific questions.


Asking Question


You can ask your subject specific question on our Ask A Question forum by using XB Points. Your question will be live on our Q&A board and will be open for answers. Our team of subject experts will answer your question within no time.


Rating a Question


You can rate the answers you got for your questions according to quality and understanding of the question.


Answering Question


All the questions asked are listed on our Q&A board with all the details. If you are an expert of the subject you can answer the questions. If your answer gets rated as Best Answer, you will earn the XB points allocated for that question.


Redeeming XB Points


All the XB points you earned through answering the questions can be redeemed for cool rewards. From your user profile you can see the summary of your XB points transactions. And can redeem your earned points for the cool rewards. All the gift vouchers and coupons will be delivered by email and can be redeemed online on the respective sites. Cash rewards will be sent through the direct bank transfer to users bank account. Indian Tax Laws are applicable in case of cash rewards.